They say It's all my fault, but they don't have to judge, they didn't live with him. They didn't love him. They're fool. And I'm dying.
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    Cut #1 unf textureeeees

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  • Fuck you must understand that I am a very deep person.
    Because It’s true, now I’m happy, I’m always Happy.
    But If I’m happy It’s because I’ve been sad.

    I was this fucking drop of rain, crashing on the floor.
    And I’ve got scars.

    Fucking scars, and sometimes It makes me cry again.

    And sometimes, past come in home, and told me that It’s waiting me for be smothering by sadness.

    I just miss somebody to be with me when I’m sad,

    Because When I’m happy people are with me, but when I’m sad, I’m alone.